Year 1 Curriculum Overview
Year 1 Curriculum Overview

Welcome to the Year 1 Curriculum page. You can find information here about the curriculum being taught to your child whilst in Year 1 at Brocks Hill Primary School.

The Year 1 curriculum is delivered using a play-based, child-centred approach. We aim to deliver a knowledge rich curriculum underpinned by the National Curriculum and guided by the needs of the children. We plan a practical and challenging curriculum based on our observation of the children’s needs and interests. 

The Year 1 curriculum is taught through both teacher inputs and continuous provision. Continuous provision complements adult led teaching. There is a suitable balance between child-initiated activities and those that are adult-led. Through both teacher input and continuous provision, children are encouraged to independently develop their learning through exploring and challenge. 

By delivering our curriculum through continuous provision, it provides children with opportunities to develop their learning independently, developing their fluency and the ability to unconsciously apply and consolidate their knowledge. The children are given the opportunities to develop independence within a secure, friendly and inviting atmosphere.

Continuous provision also provides support for children in building relationships through the development of social skills such as cooperation and sharing.

Whilst planning our curriculum, we aim to consistently incorporate the 6R’s and learning dispositions into all lessons to ensure character education is also implemented. Character education is explicitly taught within lessons and we believe this is interdependent with the academic skills taught. This encourages the children to become resilient, courageousindividuals. Through incorporating character education, we aim to develop positive attitudes towards learning, confidence and communication amongst the children.