About the School

We are a school that wants to be the best that we can possibly be. We know that by supporting one another we can achieve great things, children and adults together.

We are proud to be a Lionheart school. We believe that ‘ANY young person from ANY background deserves an EQUAL chance to be successful in whatever they do’. Every child and adult at Brocks Hill is encouraged reach their full potential regardless of their background.

We ensure this through

  • Having high expectations for all pupils
  • Collaborative working, commitment and care from our whole team
  • Embedding our 6Rs
  • Developing character traits through our skills and dispositions
  • Our robust and flourishing pastoral system
  • An inclusive, high quality and enjoyable curriculum for all which teaches life skills so that our children develop into fully rounded, secure and fulfilled adults who are thoughtful citizens in our global community

Brocks Hill 6Rs

Respect . Responsibility . Resilience . Resourcefulness . Reflection . Reciprocity

Through our 6Rs we encourage all children to be curious, creative problem solvers who value learning and are highly motivated. We want all children to:

  • Learn in an atmosphere of belonging and value, where everyone is both physically and emotionally healthy and resilient.
  • Develop a lifelong love for learning where everyone is encouraged to grow and reach their potential whatever their ability.
  • Take ownership of their own learning so that they have the confidence and curiosity to ask questions, make informed choices, solve problems and respond to feedback.
  • Have high expectations and welcome challenge in the curriculum through outstanding teaching and learning. We want our children to value making mistakes and see them, not as set-backs, but as strategies to learn more.
  • Experience rich and varied opportunities to improve their cultural capital.
  • Learn the value of community cohesion through the active involvement of, and contribution from, parents, staff, governors, children and the local community in the life of our school.

For more information on our 6Rs, please click the link.

Our school rules

Be kind
Be respectful
Be safe