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Year 6 Knowledge Organisers
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Termly Overviews

Autumn Term
Spring Term



Autumn- War and Peace

Spring –Welcome to South America

Summer –Lights, Camera, Action


When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit:

Letter writing

Recounts (diary, re-telling)

Formal writing (letters, persuasive writing, information and a discussion)

Narrative and creative writing

News articles  


Letter writing

Recounts (diary, re-telling)

Formal writing (letters, persuasive writing, information and a discussion)

Narrative and creative writing

News articles

The Tempest            

Letter writing

Recounts (diary, re-telling)

Formal writing (letters, persuasive writing, information and a discussion)

Narrative and creative writing

News articles

KS3 transition work


Read, write and represent numbers to 10,000,000

Comparing and Ordering Numbers to 10,000,000

Negative Numbers

Four Operations

Order of operations (BIDMAS)



Geometry –position and direction

Decimal places to 1000ths




Ratio and proportion

Area and Perimeter 

Geometry - properties of shape

KS3 Transition work




Evolution and Inheritance:

How have living things changed over time?

How do fossils provide us with information about living things from millions of years ago?

Why do offspring differ to their parents?

How do animals and plants adapt to suit their environment?

How does adaptation lead to evolution?

What did famous scientists discover when studying evolution?

Living things and their habitats:

How living things are classified into broad groups?

Animals including humans:

What the main parts of the circulatory system?

What are the functions of the heart, blood vessels and blood?

What is the impact of diet, exercise, drugs and lifestyle on the way our bodies function?

How are nutrients and water transported through animals, including humans?



How does voltage effect the brightness of a bulb or volume of a buzzer? 

What reasons can explain variations in brightness of bulbs, loudness of buzzers and the positions of switches?

What symbols are used to represent a simple circuit diagram?


How does light travel?
How are objects seen?
How are shadows formed and why do they have the same shape as the objects that cast them? 



War dance /war games









What are the appropriate techniques for specific events?

How can athletic activities increase stamina, strength and suppleness?

 How do I throw with greater control, accuracy and efficiency?

How do I Perform a range of jumps showing power, control and consistency at both take-off and landing?

Team games-children’s choices


War and Peace:

What happened to Europe after WW1?

How did Hitler rise to power?

How did WW2 start?

What was Britain like during WW2?

How did Britain rebuild after WW2?

How can primary sources of information help us understand history?

Visit: Beaumanor Hall WW2 experience

Ancient Islamic civilisation:

When was the rise of the AIC?

How did religion affect culture and architecture?

What was life like in Baghdad at this time?

What is the legacy of AIC?

The Mayan civilisation

Visit: Mayan Day

Who were the Mayan?

When did they live?

Where did they live?

What did Mayan people believe?

Which Gods did they worship?

Why did they value sacrifice?

What was happening in British history at the same time?

What was life like for a Mayan child/ warrior/priest?

What food and drink/crops did they have?

What happened to the Mayans?

What can we learn from Mayan times?

Early Islamic Civilisation

Can I explain the trade network of Baghdad c. CE 900?

Can I use old maps to understand trade links

Can I explore (using maps and animation) the spread of Christianity and Islam?

Can I describe the achievements of early Christian and Islamic civilisations?




What changes happened to Europe after WW1?

What changes happened to Europe during and after WW2?

How can we use historical maps to compare information over time?

What Human geographical changes did Britain experience post WW2?

How was Leicester affected by WW2?-Local study walk?

The Americas

Where are North, Central, South America?(Locational knowledge)

What us longitude and latitude? (Geographical skills)

What are physical and human features of places across The Americas? (using maps and Atlases) (physical: climate zones, biomes and vegetation belts, rivers, mountains)

(Human: economic activity including trade links, and the distribution of natural resources including energy, food, minerals and water)

Can I use geographical knowledge to comparisons across The Americas? (Place knowledge)





Early Islamic Civilisation

Can I locate the world’s countries using maps, concentrating on their environmental regions, key physical and human characteristics, countries, and major cities?

Can I present human and physical features using a range of methods, including sketch maps, plans and graphs, and digital technology?



Charcoal sketching:

The Blitz in the style of Henry More

Can I recreate/sketch traditional Mayan patterns and architecture?

Creating stage and sets

Design and


Designing and making an Anderson shelter

Create a suitable dwelling for a mythical Maya creature



Creating stage, costume and sets

Visit: Warner Brother’s Studios, The World of Harry Potter




Singing World War 2 songs

Appreciating key wartime musicians (Glenn Miller)

Composing mood music





We are APP planners

We are Market researchers


How can we stay safe online?

We are Project Managers

We are Interface Designers


How can we stay safe online?

We are APP developers

We are Marketers


How can we stay safe online?


Health and wellbeing:

How can we manage stress?

How can we stay positive?

What is mental health?

Living in the wider world:

What is justice?

What is a stereotype?

What is privilege?

How do we stay safe online?


What makes a good family?

What can we do to manage our feelings?

What makes a good friend?


Health and wellbeing

How do we keep safe?

Can I recognise what I am good at?

How can I have a healthy lifestyle? (mental and physical health)

Living in the wider world

What are rights and responsibilities?

How can I help my community?


How can I manage my feelings and emotions?

How can I be a good friend?

How can I recognise a stereotype?


Health and Wellbeing

How do we make safe choices?

Who is responsible for my health and safety?

Where do I go for help and advice?

How do I keep my body healthy and safe?

What is peer pressure?

Living in the wider world

What is enterprise?

Can I create an enterprise project to make a profit?


How will puberty affect my body and my rights?

How will I manage my change to secondary school/becoming more independent?

How do friendships change as we grow?



What does it mean to be a Muslim in Britain today?

What similarities and differences are there between Islam and other beliefs?

What do we do when life gets hard?

Visit a local mosque

Class discussion and philosophical enquiry-based on current affairs, and children’s interests, taught as a question/debate.

Class discussion and philosophical enquiry

Is it better to express your beliefs in arts and architecture or in charity and generosity?


What difference does it make to believe in ahimsa, grace and/or Ummah?