March 31, 2023

Brocks Hill Celebrates British Science Week with Exciting Lessons from University of Leicester Experts

Week this month. The school welcomed a team of experts from the University of Leicester who worked with pupils on a range of engaging and informative science lessons. 

Dr Nicole Royle and Dr Richard Badge from the Department of Genetics and Genome Biology led a session with Year 6 students where they extracted DNA from different fruits. The students were fascinated as they learned about the process of extracting DNA and the significance of this work in genetic research. 

Meanwhile, Dr Frank Proudlock from the Department of Psychology and Vision Sciences worked with Year 5 students to teach them about human vision. The pupils were amazed to discover how their eyes work and the connections between their eyes and brains. 

Dr Swidbert Ott and Dr Tom Matheson from the Department of Genetics and Genome Biology worked with Year 1 and 4 students on locusts. They explored the world of live locusts, studying their swarming behavior and jumping power. The students were thrilled to learn about these fascinating creatures and how they have adapted to survive in their environment. 

Finally, Dr Volko Straub and Dr Tom Matheson from the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology worked with Year 2 and 3 pupils on pond snail behavior and their brains. The students were intrigued by the intricacies of the snail's brain and how it affects their behavior. 

The children thoroughly enjoyed their science lessons and were inspired by the experts from the University of Leicester. We are grateful to all the scientists who took the time to share their expertise and knowledge during British Science Week. This kind of hands-on experience can make all the difference in sparking an interest in science and inspiring future scientists.