March 19, 2024

Brocks Hill's Got Talent

In March, pupils at Brocks Hill Primary School showcased their fantastic talents at an end-of-term extravaganza, aptly named Brocks Hill’s Got Talent!

Organised by the School Parliament, the event formed part of the school’s fundraising efforts for Comic Relief and invited children from Year 1 to Year 6 to get on stage and strut their stuff in front of their friends, family, teachers and, rather dauntingly, the three judges.

With Simon Cowell and co busy hosting auditions for Britain’s Got Talent, the enviable task of finding a winner rested with Head of School Mrs Shilling, Mr Matheson and Mrs Miller, Joint Chair of Governors.

After individual heats were held at the beginning of the month, each class selected a pupil to represent them in the grand finale, with 12 candidates – two from each year group – participating.

After school, in front of a packed crowd in the Main Hall, the finalists tentatively took to the stage.

From rollerblading and piano playing, to singing and gymnastics. From beatboxing and tapdancing, to magic and comedy. Pupils wowed their audience, displaying performances of elegance and pristine, it was clear just how much time had gone in to rehearsing routines and fine tuning everything to ensure every last detail was perfect.

After all 12 acts had performed and the ripples of applause had faded away, the eyes of everybody in the Hall locked onto the three judges, who retired to deliberate.

Following much ‘umming and ahing’ – and the realisation that they could not simply name 12 winners! – they reached a verdict.

Taking the crown was Year 6 pupil Daniel from Class 12. He stunned all in attendance with a pulsating piano composition entitled ‘Rush.’

Completing the top three were a four-piece singing act comprising Eva, Martha, Sienna and Simran from Year 2 and Year 4 pupil Oscar who got the audience rocking with a fantastic beatboxing performance!

These children were rewarded with an Easter egg each, whilst all participants received a medal as recognition for their contribution to a phenomenal show.

After totting up the generous donations, the final amount of money raised for Comic Relief stood at £429.98. A remarkable effort and one that highlights the generosity of the Brocks Hill Community.

Pupils are eagerly anticipating next year’s event, where they will undoubtedly demonstrate once again that Brocks Hill has talent!