December 20, 2023

Exploring History: Brocks Hill Primary School's Memorable Trips

Brocks Hill Primary School students have recently embarked on exciting educational trips, delving into history and bringing their learning to life. 

Year 2 Knights and Castles Adventure at Warwick Castle: The Year 2 students ventured to Warwick Castle, immersing themselves in a fascinating medieval world. The children explored the castle grounds, particularly enjoying the experience of the stocks and discovering the various weapons used by knights. 

Back in the classroom, the Year 2s have started to use the knowledge from the trip to tackle an exciting creative project — building a drawbridge. This hands-on activity allows the children to apply the insights gained during their trip, bringing history into practical learning. 

Year 6's WW2 Christmas Experience at Beaumanor Hall: Meanwhile, Year 6 students had an unforgettable World War 2 Christmas experience at Beaumanor Hall, deepening their understanding of the War and Peace topic. Dressed as evacuees, the children embraced the authenticity of the era, complete with packed lunches reminiscent of the simplicity of wartime meals — sandwiches, fruit, and cake. 

As part of the immersive experience, Year 6 had a lesson from a very strict teacher, explored shops and houses, and gained insights into the challenges of rationing. Engaging activities, such as code-breaking to aid the war effort, offered students a first-hand understanding of the crucial roles played by locations like Beaumanor Hall and Bletchley Park. 

The day concluded with Christmas songs in the air-raid shelter, creating a festive atmosphere. To add to the joy, a special visitor, none other than Santa himself, made an appearance, leaving the students with lasting memories of a day filled with history, learning, and holiday cheer.