February 24, 2023

Year 1 visit to our local synagogue

This month, our Year 1 children had a wonderful trip to our local synagogue. During our Religious Education curriculum, the children have been focusing on Judaism and places of worship. Throughout their time at Brocks Hill, our children visit several different places of worship to enhance their learning and gain a deeper understanding of culture and diversity. 

At the synagogue, our children were excited to visit the prayer room and see the Torah. We learnt some interesting facts, such as that the Torah is made of animal skin, is hand written and that if a mistake is made, they would have to start writing again. They also got the opportunity to look at prayer books, learning that a prayer book is read left to right and that one page was written in Hebrew and the other in English. As well as this, the children got to try on the traditional clothing for Jewish prayer, including the kippah and the prayer shawl.  

Our children had a great time at the synagogue and are excited to visit their next place of worship!