January 18, 2023

Year 4 celebrate completing their Lionheart Character Award!

During Year 4, children at Brocks Hill have the opportunity to complete the Lionheart Character Award. Through our curriculum, we aim to develop deep knowledge and skills. We believe that children are engaged by, and respond to, learning that develops, stretches them, and ignites their imagination.  

Not only does it positively impact our pupil's academic success, The Lionheart Character Award also provides them with the tools to tackle and manage the challenges and stresses, they will encounter throughout their lives. 

At the end of the autumn term’s Lionhearts Character Award activities, our Year 4 children had the opportunity to celebrate with Miss Burton- who runs the programme across the trust.  

At the graduation ceremony, children had the chance to review what they have learnt by watching a video of what they have been up to, bringing back memories of their journey throughout the programme. Our pupils were then called up one at a time to receive their graduation certificates and have their photographs taken as a memento of their experience. 

Our pupils have really fond memories of their time working though the Lionheart Character Award with one child commenting: ‘I will have these memories forever, we had so much fun and we learned so much about how to work together as a team to be successful.’ 

We want to congratulate our pupils for their hard work and determination in completing the programme, they should be very proud of themselves.