Our Team
Role Name

Executive Headteacher

National Leader of Education

Ms. M Walton
Head of School Mrs C Shilling
Foundation Stage

Mrs R Collin
Mrs M Hall
Dr K Quirk

Year 1

Miss H Patel
Miss S Wright
Mrs S Hurst

Year 2

Miss E Kelly
Miss C Beale

Year 3

Mrs K Doughton
Miss L Gale

Year 4

Miss C Bentley
Mr D Farrin
Mrs N Curran

Year 5

Mrs F Read
Miss S Sahota

Year 6

Mrs S Street
Mr T Orton
Miss A Kothari

Learning Support Assistants (LSA's)

Mrs Seedat

Mrs Hayat

Miss Harvey

Miss Willis

Mrs Orton

Miss Odedra

Miss Taylor

Miss L Mistry

Mrs T Mistry

Mr Stokes

Miss Shaw

Mrs Farooq

Mrs Mahomed

Miss Cheung

Mrs S Desai

Mrs T Rowell

Miss T Rowe

Mrs E Crooks

Mrs G Brier

Mrs T Bruce

Mrs S Khan

Mr A Campbell

Operations Manager

Ms Jo Coyle

Office Manager

Mrs Parveen Sheikh

Administrative Assistant

Mrs Nicola Browell

Mrs Ferzana Farooq

Premises Officer

Mr Mark Cass

Mrs Monika Zeidi

W.E.L.L Being

Mrs Pam Turner

Cook Supervisor

Mrs Rachel Nicklin